Saturday, March 30, 2013

there is no such thing as lost...

...there are only unplanned adventures that interrupt what you thought you were supposed to be doing.

Case in point: yesterday i had lunch with fTM Felicia downtown then dropped off books at the Book Thing. It is in a neighborhood that i am not really familiar with, but was pretty sure that i knew where i was going after i left the parking lot.
I was wrong.
At some point i made a left when i should have made a right and ended up in neighborhoods that i've only heard of or that i didn't even know existed.
One of the problems with knowing where i was is that i have no intrinsic sense of north, south, east and west; instead, i use the sun or stars to know which way i am headed. That works great unless it is cloudy and you can't find the sun.
So i just kept making educated guesses.
Semi-educated guess.
Okay, guesses.
Just as i decided that mayhaps i was actually lost i spotted a giant carrot sticking through a building.
Yes, you read that sentence correctly.

So i wasn't lost; i was looking for a giant carrot without being aware of it.


Debbie said...

Yes! So love the spirit of this. It's why I've started taking walks around Everyman when I have a little extra time down time...learning the neighborhood, and just "seeing what I see"! :-)

Rea said...


Anonymous said...

That is right down the block from the high school I teach at. I actually love that place!! ;-)