Monday, December 2, 2013

because my middle initial -S- stands for subtle

I love striped clothes;
they offer so many accessorizing options.

For instance, last week I was wearing this long sleeved, stripey shirt under my styling sweater vest.
A girl could choose a great blingy brooch in blue or purple or yellow
or you know, all of them.


Anonymous said...

Continued confirmation of our diametrical opposition-- not sure I own a single brooch, let alone three different colors. The "S" in my name might actually stand for subtle.

Anonymous said...

Of COURSE all of them. First of all, they'd be lost without each other, and second, once again, it's YOU! --DianeB

Niki said...

Not to mention, Anonymous, that you own 3 pairs of earrings and I try on at least 3 pairs a day before I settle on what I am going to wear.