Friday, December 6, 2013

what the what?

It is rainy and cold in Baltimore today so no one is coming into the store; seems like a good time to clean out my purse because:
I actually do this on a pretty regular basis as my purse is always with me as i travel from place to place and things get stuffed into pockets every day, but even still i will sometimes find things that i do not recognize at all.
 For instance, what is this?
Sure, it doesn't seem like that much of a stretch that i would have something purple and shiny in my purse, but i don't know what it is or where it came from: it isn't a button, a bead, a sticker, an earring, a jewelry part and i swear i've never seen it before.

Do you think there are little creatures that leave things around just to confound us?
Are they relatives of the sock-stealer spites or the move-your-keys-when-you-are-running-late gremlins?

OMG: i am not making this up:
Just as i was proofing this post and about to hit publish i turned my head because there was a weird sound outside and spotted a wee figurine on the counter right next to me :
Hand to heaven, that creepy guy was not there when i opened the store this morning. It is only 18-20 inches away from me; i would have noticed.
I concede that my boss was in the store about an hour ago and probably set him there while i was doing something else, but how crazy is it that i am typing about things appearing just to confound you and BAM creepy, half-naked asian dude with an ax and no legs shows up?


Anonymous said...

Not a "real" comment, merely a chuckle and a head shake....

Anonymous said...

On a couple other subjects entirely:

1. Why are there no more cards for sale in your store (or did I just miss them)?
2. A while ago, you asked me to repost a comment, but I forgot what it was I was supposed to repost.


Niki said...

Diane - you already reposted the comment i lost and i am getting ready to put more cards into the store as i am sold out at the moment.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the odd things that find a hidden home in the dark recesses of "The Bag"