Friday, December 13, 2013

what i found waiting for me at work this morning

Ho Ho oh No
Aaaaaand have a good day.

Breaking news people: i just SOLD that giant santa head to a gentleman for his youth group's White Elephant Christmas exchange on Wednesday.  Some local teen is going to end up with this monstrosity.
And yes Sheryl, it does indeed light up; we checked


Rea said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaahh. Where is the eye bleach? Why can I not UNSEE that?!

Anonymous said...

OH MY! what is that made of? is he looking up? Oh! are those light bulbs in the wreath? the more i look at it the more i see!

Kate Castellucci said...

Well, good news! If ever you needed something to guarentee you won't ever sleep again...

Anonymous said...

well thank goodness that you have unloaded that disturbing santa!