Wednesday, February 12, 2014

sitting in the Indianapolis airport

To fly from Baltimore, MD to Ft Myers, FL it makes plenty of sense to change planes in Indiana, right?
In the long run it probably is better because now i am not flying down the coast into the ice storm.
My flight was overbooked, so i volunteered to give up my seat in exchange for a flight voucher.
There is free wi-fi so i am IM-ing with Rea, writing this post and playing Candy Crush.
It's all good, baby!
Except for one tiny, little thing: the only open table was in the middle of the concourse next to the people movers and there is an automatic warning that plays every FOUR SECONDS (yes, i counted).
I can mostly block it out, but it is definitely right there under all the rest of my thoughts.

The moving walkway
is coming to an end. {STOP}
Please watch your step. {aaaaaauuugggggghhhhhhh}

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