Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the three amigos

I visited fTM Erin to meet baby #3 today. Caleb Henry was born mid-November and this was the first time since then that schedules synced up for me to spend the afternoon at Casa de Chaos.
Yes, a freak snow storm that was only 10 miles wide hovered right over where i was driving, reducing visibility to 15 ft and nearly killing us all, but that didn't stop me.
Well, it almost stopped me. I pulled over, called Erin and told her it was too dangerous for me to drive (words i haven't uttered in 30 years), but she texted me a radar picture showing that the storm was directly over me (yeah; no kidding) and that if i pushed on for about 2 miles i'd be out of it.
No lie, 15 minutes later there was no trace of snow and i had on my sunglasses.
It was a fun afternoon of romping, eating, rocking, petting and chatting as there were 3 little boys, 2 dogs, 2 cats and an Erin to play with; plus quite a lot of time on Pinterest looking at powder rooms with pedestal sinks.
My camera battery was dead, dead, dead so i've borrowed a picture from Erin for today's haiku:

A trio of boys:
Collin, Caleb, Cameron.
When does Mommy sleep?

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