Thursday, May 22, 2014

floral jelly

While i was in Ohio for my birthday/ Mother's Day i spent 2 days on the farm with Rea and helped make violet and dandelion jelly.
Here is the amazingly hot pink violet jelly.

Notice how is a completely different color from the violet infusion from which it was jellied.
The change happens when you add the lemon juice and cook it down.

It has a light, sweet floral taste that was able to stand up to peanut butter (the ultimate jelly test), but would probably be better on toast.
It was very fun for this City Mouse to do her first canning by helping with the jelly.

When i say i helped, let's understand that i was the photographer, put on lids and did a few other things.

For the full story and recipe, go here.

Hopefully there will be a post about the dandelion jelly which sounds gross and yet is one of the yummiest things i have ever eaten.

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