Monday, May 12, 2014

A very, merry Mother's Day Birthday.

Every few years the High Holy Day of the Nikiverse -my birthday- falls on Mother's Day. I LOVE when it does because it seems appropriate that the celebration of my birth should coincide with the day honoring the woman who did all of the work on that day.
The last time it happened i spent the day with fTM Erin and her wonderful mother. This year i drove to Ohio to be with my mommy.
To make the day even sweeter, Mom and I had brunch with my sister. This was Kris' first Mother's Day without any of her sons as the youngest -Matt- moved to Florida less than 2 weeks ago, but she at least got to spend it with her mom.
There were heart-shaped sweet rolls and flowers and cards and presents and lots of laughter. The whole day was so relaxed, however, there weren't lots of pictures. In fact, there's only one, but it's a goody:

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