Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lydia vs. USPS

I have often pointed out that i am a fan of the postal service. I really am.
My friend Lydia however, not so much.
They have a knack of screwing up her deliveries. Weird, but true.
Case in point- i received an email from her after having to cancel a Friday adventure due to feeling gackky that said: I hope you are feeling better and am checking that you received the manatee.
Umm... manatee?
I hadn't seen any manatee and as a marine science major who studied in FL, i would certainly know a manatee if i saw one.
She checked to make sure she had my address right, which she did, and then set about trying to find the missing manatee.
Meanwhile i was left wondering how she found a box large enough for a manatee - they are not tiny creatures, people.
According to USPS, the package had been delivered 3 weeks earlier.
Except that it wasn't.
Then, they found the package at the post office and claimed that they had left one of those peach colored You've Got A Package post cards.
Which they hadn't.
It is baffling to me because my letter carrier is really good.
  She would have just left the package in front of my apartment and if for some reason she couldn't -like it needs a signature- she always leaves the postcard.
All i can assume is that it was her day off.
Or that Lydia really is cursed when it comes to the mail.
Anyhoo, i was going to pick it up, but was too busy all the week so Lydia picked it up herself before we met for lunch. Look at this:

Clearly marked that it was delivered.

How could it possibly be marked delivered and yet still be at the post office at.the same time?
How could no one notice that discrepancy?
Someone really fell down on the job this time.

Before opening it while we waited at Grilled Cheese & Co (yummmmmmmmm) i wanted a picture of Lydia with this frustrating box, which we continued to refer to as the manatee despite it clearly not being a manatee.
I told her to either look sad about it getting lost, mad at USPS or simply bewildered by the whole think.

She tried, but could not hold any expression before bursting into laughter.
It is one of the things i love about her: Lydia is pleasant and prone to chuckling.

And then i finally got to solve the riddle of the manatee.
It is a loose tea infuser!
A manaTEA!
I love it, love it, love it! 

She included some loose black Chai tea so that i could use my new toy right away and yes, it makes an excellent brew.

Thanks Lydia!

And next time you need something shipped, let me do it for you.
USPS likes me.

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Kaaren said...

Funny you should post this. Saturday. I am heading out with Isabel to run an errand. Parked on my property are two USPS vehicles. They have been there for 15 minutes already. Taking a break, perhaps. They were out of their vehicles and talking to each other. I drive out of the garage. One of them waves at me.

Two hours later I come a "sorry we missed you" note stuck on my front door, for a certified letter!! They were in front of my house for 15 minutes while I was there! They saw me LEAVE and THEN they come to the door?? wow.

We have to now wait and go GET the letter on Monday after 9 a.m. Gee, thanks for wasting my gas and time.