Thursday, September 18, 2014

170 hours and counting

My X-ray last week showed that the crack isn't getting worse (which no one even told me was an option). My awesome ortho doctor said that if next week's looks as good i might be able to start moving my arm a little and start rehabing it.
Honestly, i am not good at being infirmed. Though i have to admit that figuring out how to get things done without my left arm has become a game to me. There is a 10-step dance to get into the driver's seat properly belted. I do like the challenge.
But there are some things that are still too hard to be fun, like getting dressed for the lovely September weather we are having (tank tops are all i can get over my shoulder and i can't button/zip jeans with one hand) and doing something with my hair.
In fact, i have discovered that it is impossible to put in a ponytail with only one hand. Many folks have suggested various things like having my head upside down or laying on my bed with the hair hanging off the edge, all to no avail. I challenge you to give it a try and let me know if you can figure it out because i would totally give you a dollar.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Check your email! --Beth

Anonymous said...

I imagine even typing your blog is not easy with just one hand, and I have no clever idea for the hair, save getting it cut off. Then all you'd have to do is give your head a shake, ya know? As a person with long hair myself, I GET what a terrifying thought that is, but maybe you should consider it while the arm gets better. And I'd suggest giving up jeans for now and go with anything with an elastic top. It sucks, and you could end up looking like someone's granny, but, hey, whatever works. It's only temporary, after all. Then wear your hair clips as a nice necklace or lovely arm wrap.

-- Diane

Kaaren said...

Nope, can't do it one-handed.

Anonymous said...

Here's a video I found on youtube...there are variations out there on the same theme, but this is the basic example:

I hope this isn't an issue for you too much longer! Feel better.

--Beth in VA