Saturday, September 27, 2014

i am wearing pants!

I have been released from the sling that bound me.
My (hopefully) final x-ray was a few days ago and things look good.
Now comes the physical therapy for 3 weeks to work on getting back shoulder function and range of motion. Right now i can lift my left arm up to nearly shoulder height (about 75 degrees out of the possible 180).
After only 4 weeks of immobilization it is amazing how weak some of the muscles have become; this morning it felt like i had done a hard arm day at the gym with free weights when in fact i had only used the arm to do normal things like opening doors and getting dressed.
The soreness doesn't really bother me though, as it means i am another day closer to being better. In fact, i feel like after a week of motion exercises i could start strength training and be fine in 2 weeks.
My doctor disagrees.
He has me on THREE WEEKS of functionality therapy and then wants to see me to decide the next step.
sigh... three more weeks of not lifting anything heavier than a bottle of water... imagine how wussy my shoulder will be by then...
Oh well, at least i can wear clothes with zippers now.
You'd be surprised at just  how happy that makes me.


Anonymous said...

Pants always beats no pants.


Melanie said...

Yay for progress!!! (But sorry again that you've having to go through this in the first place.) Love you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are better, Look I communicated and i am not even doing laundry Luv yogi