Saturday, December 11, 2010


Everyone can use a cheery thought now and again.
Last month the ladies over at Brave Girl's Club asked readers to send comments and pictures about things that they thought were AWESOME with the goal of getting 1000 awesome things listed. The response was amazing (one might even say that the response was awesome, but i won't do that to you) and they now have over 4000 comments of joy and blessings.
For Thanksgiving they took 100 of those comments and pictures and made a 7 and a half minute video. It will make you smile, though watch out for some heart string tuggers that might make you cry (the thankful grandma at 7:26 completely undid me) as well.
On the day of the initial post I was sick -no big surprise there- but it about a week before i knew just how sick i actually am so i was forcing myself to stay at work and get things done. I read the post during lunch, right after i had realized that i had goldfish crackers for my soup so i took a picture and sent it in.
You'll recognize my handwriting and signature purple post-its at 3:26. Enjoy the video and take a moment to think about whatever you think is AWESOME.

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Kaaren said...

I saw the soup! & the fish. :)