Thursday, December 23, 2010


What sport is the least likely that you can imagine me playing?
If you said Any sport, I'll give you partial credit, but the answer we are looking for is golf.
What the heck is up with golf?
Hit the ball hard.
Walk to the ball.
Hit the ball hard.
Walk to the ball.
Hit the ball hard.
Walk to the ball.
 Hit the ball gently into a hole.
Repeat 18 times.
Is that even a sport?
I mean, the audience has to stay quiet when you play. What kind of sport doesn't allow cheering?
 Anyhoo, validity aside, golf has always been in the background of my life cause my dad is an avid golfer. I once had my picture taken outside of Augusta (if you know golf, you know why). But i've never had any interest in learning the game. I loves me some Putt-putt, but the actual game of golf? Nope. However, this year i have been considering that i might want to go to a driving range. Hitting things really hard seems like a great way to blow off some steam. But i've never even swung a club before. Heck, i wasn't even sure how to hold the club. Since i am in Florida visiting my dad, i asked him to teach me how to hit a golf ball.
There is a little area at the end of his street that is set up
for that very purpose:
There are tees and clubs and balls all ready to go across from an open field where the only thing you could accidentally hit is the aluminum recycling wagon (and no, you can't turn around and hit balls into the lake; they seriously frown upon that).
Dad showed the proper way and then walked me through grip, feet placement, torsion, swing and follow-thru:
I can report that i did better than i thought i would.
The golf swing is crazy unnatural. Keeping my wrists locked was really hard and i had to talk myself through each step on every swing. I tried a few different lengths of club and -no surprise here- need a short one to have any accuracy. I was able to get a few to fly straight with some loft. I still have no interest in playing an actual game, but with this lesson i at least feel like i can go to the driving range without looking like a total dweeb.
As an added bonus, this also counts as a new thing for December.

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