Friday, December 10, 2010

November in review

So November just flew by in a blink.
Here are several random things that happened in November that would have been in posts if i wasn't so lame, as well as a quick list of my November new things (some of which will be featured in upcoming posts):
-the lovely Miss Colleen, Esq. had a birthday party/ house warming at her new condo;
completely unplanned we wore matching outfits
-all for the want of a cracker i invented a new recipe for herbed flatbread;
  here it is shown plain, with melted cheese and with hummus and broccoli; this batch had oregano, parsley, garlic and cayenne baked right in.
-i spent some time visiting with theater friends at Debbie's birthday party
For my November new things i helped fill and frost a four layer wedding cake, wrote and delivered a homily for a wedding service, petted a cow,
it was slobbery
and wore red lipstick when it wasn't part of a costume.


Debbie said...

You got great pictures at my party :-D and yay for red lipstick!

Kaaren said...

Cake! Cake! Cake!

Um. Post the cake pictures, please.

Michelle said...

That's the cutest cow I have ever seen... which reminds me of how gross my mini burger sliders were at Uno's. Never again!

Manta said...

I second Michelle. Such a cute cow! This post made me smile.