Friday, December 3, 2010

Update and baby steps and pancakes

So a two week break from the world has been good for me.
Of course, 5 of those days were spent preparing for and helping at Matt and Sara's wedding.
And, i did go to work 2 days.
But for ME, i've been taking it relatively easy.
I'm almost acclimated to the new meds, though there is some occasional wooziness. At this point my biggest issue is my own impatience.
I want to be better.
Anyhoo, i've missed posting here and now have about a 20 post backlog, but have decided to take things slow and easy. You might still be hearing about Hawaii in January, but eventually everything will get done. Today, i'll share one of my favorite, favorite local restaurants:

Shirley's on Rt 40 used to be my IHOP.  
Though randomly, it was the first place i ever ate salsa.
Several years ago, IHOP decided to pull out of this location and the restaurant was bought by a waitress and named for her mother who had also been a waitress there. The food is generally good and plentiful.
I've always had good service.
And during this season it is my favorite place to get pumpkin pancakes!
Give Shirley's a try, just not Sunday after church cause they are swamped.


Melanie said...

Hey, welcome back!

Mike said...

I am glad to see something new. I was checking every day. Thanks.