Wednesday, April 13, 2011

drive-by posting

- another reason i love my job is that after today's awesome show with a super responsive and well-behaved audience, the custodian made a point to come up to the stage to tell us how much she looks forward to us coming to her school each year
- things are going great for my booth on Saturday, but i'm about 15 hours behind schedule; does anyone know where i could acquire some more hours in a day?
- taco day in the school cafeteria either smells so bad you want to vomit or so delicious you crave Taco Bell; there is no happy medium
- middle school jazz bands should have to practice in absolutely sound-proof rooms
- i can't stop listening to 30 Second From Mars' CD This is War; i dreamed about it last night; do other people dream about music?
- i made a new faux carbonara casserole the other night and realized after it was almost done that i didn't have any crackers in the house to make a crumbly topping so i crushed up cheddar goldfish and it was delicious
- another new thing this month: i love green olives and hate black olives, but at an artists' opening i made myself try some marinated blackish olives (they were kinda black/purple/grey) and enjoyed them
- Ron gave me his old computer so that i could write some of my posts at home and save them to a thumb drive so that when i do have internet access posting will be faster; about 5 days later i tripped on the keyboard cord and ripped the plug apart; anybody know if that can be fixed?
- as much as i am enjoying the artistic endeavor of preparing a vendor booth, i miss doing long blog posts with way too many pictures


Douglas said...

1) Yay You!
2) Craigslist
4) I agree.
6) Brilliant!
8) Radio Shack
9) I miss them, too.

Michelle-Lemon Meringue said...

This was the coolest post ever. I like reading bullet-style, you're inner most secret thoughts. (Although taco scented cafeteria's making you want to barf is no secret!)

Manta said...

They were probably kalamata olives that you had. Those are the BEST.

Rea said...

Miss them too!