Friday, April 29, 2011

avocados beware

Mayhaps i've mentioned my dismal attempts to make guacamole: my avocados never seem to be ripe enough or it is too bland or i didn't have lemon juice or the onions are too strong; it is a litany of green, goopey failure.
But not any more.

ugly, but delicious
While i was at my mom's we went to her little local produce shop and procured an avocado of perfect guacamole ripeness. The whole thing went together like it was meant to be and resulted in this delicious accompaniment to our soft tacos.
Plus it turned out that mom does not like guacamole so i got the whole thing to myself.


Rea said...

Yum! Guacamole!! Isn't that one of the 5 food groups?

Rachel said...