Wednesday, April 6, 2011

girls night in

Everyone can benefit from some quality junk-food-eating, crazy-game-playing, giggling time.
As a new thing last month i invited some girls i know from Objects Found and theater over to hang out at my apartment. I had no plan for the evening besides issuing a $4.99 snack challenge: people should bring a snack to share that they love, but costs less than 5 dollars.
Cassie, Michele, Erica, Rachel and Mariel made it a night of fun with Ants on Logs, Monster Goo (which tasted like a fruity sewer - yech), Gushers, Marry, Date or Dump and Buzz Word.

Not only was it fun to laugh like unbalanced teenagers, it was good for me to leave my comfort zone and have people in my apartment. After 5 years of living there, it is starting to feel like home. Plus, if i continue to have guests, mayhaps i will keep it clean.


Rea said...

Good for you. I'm assuming the camera shy one is not in the theater group! Your livingroom looks nice, btw!

Erin said...

Hello dear couch...I miss you because you were so comfy, but I know you're in a better place now ;)

Erica said...

Niki! i love all of these pictures! Those chips were the best & I had such a nice time. It was great seeing you!


Lemon Meringue said...

The girl with the flower in her hair has some weirdo facial expressions! Ha!