Saturday, May 14, 2011

a quick breather

I'm taking a quick break from finishing title cards for tomorrow's show and thought i'd drop in to say HI to the Nikiverse; i feel like its been forever since i spent any real time writing here, but i am delighted with all the new experiences i'm having in the world. Okay, delighted might be a bit strong for some of those challenges, but i am certainly not bored!
Here's what's going through my mind right now:
- i think i am going to forget about finishing the painting for tomorrow and do a collage instead
- i want to have at least 8 new cards for the show as well
- i never posted the pictures of my vendor's table at the scrapbooking crop last month; i realized yesterday that i inadvertently deleted those pictures from my camera; i just got confirmation from my dad that he found copies on his computer from when i was at his house
- the butterfly sunglasses on my birthday purple pony look a little like blinders; it's kinda freaking me out
- my teeth taste like lunch; i need some gum but don't have any in my desk
- Pat Benatar really had a lot of hits; her voice is awesome
- i wonder if i should print the artist list on colored paper; white is just so... so... white
- i need to get something for the refreshment table and pull my pretty pitcher to have an extra water pitcher
- do i have time for a quick nap?
- i like showing in the exhibition and i like helping to set up the exhibition, but i think doing both for the same exhibition might be a bit too much
- i went to an Orioles game Thursday night with people from work, including the 2 TMs who are leaving in the next weeks, but forgot to take any pictures... sigh...
- maybe i should finish that painting instead of the collage
- i have a chance to do a jewelry display at an upcoming national yard sale thing and can't wait to finish the line of recycled rings i have been working on
- i need to get some ring blanks
- and more metal glue
- wait; don't think about the jewelry show; you've got to finish the art show first
- i haven't changed my quote this week; but this is the first time i've missed it this year
- ohhhhh, i haven't named a May Charity yet, either; dangit!
- 17 hours till i need to start setting up the exhibition; 22 hours until the door opens
- ducklings are adorable, but shouldn't hang out in parking lots

- enough break young lady; back to it

Come visit me at the 2nd Annual Catonsville Art Exhibition from noon to 5 tomorrow (Sunday May 15, 2011) at the Bloomsbury Community Center in Catonsville. I will have 1-3 pieces exhibited and we'll all be surprised which ones make the cut.

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