Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I believe in miracles

Mayhaps you recall that one of my best friends from college had preemie twins, born at only 27 weeks gestation:

This past weekend, James and Matthew celebrated their second birthday.
The Nikiverse's May charity will be the UNC Children's Hospital in honor of them. For boys who did not have the best chance at survival in the beginning they have certainly turned out to be rambunctious toddlers, whose adventures can be followed here. This miracle is in no small part due to their stay at one of the best NICUs (neonatal intensive care units) in the country. I was very impressed with the facility when i visited them about a month after they were born and hope that my tiny donation will help other families come home healthy and happy.
Happy Belated Birthday to the boys and Well Done to Mike and Mel!

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Melanie said...

Aww, Niki, you're making me cry. In a good way. Thank you!!!