Tuesday, November 27, 2012

gosh i love music

Mayhaps you've heard that i have an affinity for music and many of you know that since starting my life of  self-employment i've developed a bit of a youTube problem.
I have tried so hard not to send a jillion video links to people or put them up here, but i've just seen a song that is too fabulous for a music lover like me to not share. It is the Axis of Awesome performing pieces of 40 songs based on the same four chords and it is frankly amazing:
[be warned if you are at work or hanging with kids, they do drop the f-bomb once at 5:21]
Even more scary than the commonality of the songs involved is the commonality of how many of them i own in one musical form or another. (and the fact that i recognize all of the video references as well)

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