Tuesday, November 6, 2012

watch out, mountain

Things are quite busy in the NikCo studio having done a show last weekend, having one this weekend (details to follow in another post), one the following weekend and needing to do a shop update in the next two weeks.
Plus i have vowed to do at least 5 blog posts a week in November to work on the backlog - yes Rea, that means i might even finish Hawaii and maybe you'll see some  Alaska.
Soooo, i looked through my commonplace book to find a quote to capture the mood around here this week and found this gem from an episode of my favorite tv show, due South, called "Pizzas and Promises":
"Cliffs are for climbing, Lenny.
That's why God gave us grappling hooks."

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Rea said...

Weeee....love pictures!