Saturday, November 17, 2012

rose loaf

Part of The Plan is to spend a portion of my not-working-9-to-5 time trying various charities, trying to find the one(s) that fit my call to serve. In order to do that i have been branching out and meeting new people.
Thursday night i attended a recruiting meeting for Soroptomist International. I am tangentially aware of them as both the jewelry show back in February and the Flower and Craft show were sponsored by them.
It was a nice gathering of women from different backgrounds, but it was the sort of thing where you have to wear a name tag because you really only know the person who invited you.
At the end i stayed to help clean up.
While pulling tablecloths i noticed that there were flowers in the trash.
Perfectly good flowers in the trash?
It literally hurt my heart to see that.
Before i could stop myself or worry about what these women who had only known me for two hours would think, i reached in and plucked them out.
When the organizer saw that i had saved them she said, I was just gonna throw them out since they are so short [they had been arranged super cute, three to a juice glass in the middle of each table].
Oh no; i'll take them replies the girl who, like her mom, keeps cut flowers until they are falling to pieces around the vase and all of the ladies started piling the roses by my purse. In fact, one older lady smiled at me and said, i'll go find you a plastic bag. They didn't seem to think it odd that i'd gotten them out of the trash at all.
When i got them home i was in a quandary about what to do with a bag full of super short roses; there is no room in my house for a bunch of juice glasses to be sitting around. They'd just lay weird in bowls. I only own three bud vases.
I needed something that i could stand them up in and still be able to see them.
What is only a few inches tall with straight sides?

A glass bread pan!

I am so glad that i followed my ridiculous heart instead of my practical head because now i have a lovely loaf of roses on my table. in the trash... pahshaw


Kaaren said...

Mmmm, roseloaf sandwich.

Now I'm hungry.

Anonymous said...

OMG, this is so YOU, Niki. And, really, I think you've made some fine new friends exactly because you rescued those roses!


Anonymous said...

that IS completely wrong...
Good Job Girlie!
I agree - I think you've made more friends because of your flower 'adventure'... and they look GORGEOUS!