Monday, June 3, 2013

big happenings!

In 26 hours i will be installing the NikCo Corner at Objects Found in Catonsville.
I'm busily finishing displays, adding top coats and going insane.
Incremental growth seemed the reasonable (and frankly, economically feasible) option so instead of renting a whole room i am installing on 1.25 walls and 3 built-in shelves. It is a smaller next step than what i anticipated, but the right one.
Starting Wednesday you will be able to see and buy NikCo jewelry, photos, art and happy bric-a-brac on location, seven days a week.
 I will post pictures when i finally wake up after the install... I figure maybe sometime on Thursday.
Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Luck, luck, luck, luck, luck! (Diane's clearly going to have to make her way to Catonsville here sometime soon.)


Melanie said...

Yay! Very cool next step -- best of luck with it!!

Anonymous said...

Yay. Celebrate by stabbing someone to take their pizza!


Debbie said...

I let Nathan pack my jewelry from my parent's house last weekend. A few minutes later, I was very unhappy to find an earring from a birthday set you made me broken and on the floor. Hubby made sad, repentant puppy dog face and we moved on. All that to say, I will need to come check out your new stash!