Friday, June 7, 2013

harder than what?

I am a big fan of colorful expressions and odd euphemisms; they make me smile. However, some people claim that this affection of mine makes it hard upon occasion to understand what i am saying.
 [several years ago there was a group of us chatting; a snarky individual asked fTM Martin if he had any idea what i was talking about, to which he replied Sure, i speak niki; though i'm not fluent in it yet]
 For that reason i will publicly announce when i am moved to adopt a new phrase.
Driving into the city the other day i saw a construction crew hard at work despite the driving rain. It was an amazing sight (take note PennDOT), but i felt really bad for the guys trying to lay asphalt that was cooling off way too fast because of the weather. The whole process though commendable for the effort seemed a bit self-defeating.
Henceforth, instead of indicating that something is disheartening difficult with the traditional trying to herd cats i will be using steamrolling in the rain.
Please adjust your translation app accordingly.
Valiant effort,
trying to make the road smooth.
Splash! sizzle.... DRAT! sigh 

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