Friday, June 28, 2013

I sold my PEZ collection

NikCo has been branching out and growing, adding new product lines and locations.
This is GREAT, except for the impact on my apartment.
I have the supplies for jewelry making and paper craft and assemblage/collage, along with my normal furniture, collections and 42 years of accumulated stuff in a one bedroom apartment.
To say that it is stuffed to the gills and a freaking mess is an understatement. Carnies wouldn't squat here. Recently the hobo raccoons left a petition for better living conditions.
Something has to be done.
In April I started going through every single thing i own to decide if it still had a place in my life and exactly where that place would be. And no, i am still not finished. Time consuming and an even bigger mess, but it is necessary.
I've finally had my first yard sale (there is a big difference between intending to sell something and actually selling it), am taking craft items to a crop tomorrow for the swap table and will probably yard sale once a month until the end of the season.
This past weekend i took a huge plunge and sold my PEZ collection.
not a picture of Niki

I love PEZ dispensers, love them.
In the late 90s and early 00s i hunted for them, being sure to find every single design in any line i liked. My mom always puts one in my stocking or Easter basket. I always envisioned  how i would build a small high shelf all the way around the entertainment room with all of my sweet PEZs lined up and would have a centerpiece that i would change with seasonal PEZ.

 Well, the bulk of the collection has been in a box since 2006 and there is little possibility that i am moving into a new place with an entertainment room anytime in the near future so it was time for them to go.
There was some negotiating with myself about how i would just keep three of them or maybe five or mayhaps just the Hello Kitty one, but in the end it had to be all or nothing.
I didn't even take a picture of them before they went for a song to a lovely woman named Theresa.
Some separations need to be quick and final.

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Anonymous said...

DianeB, writing as Anonymous:

Ooo, Niki, I admire your intestinal fortitude in going cold turkey with the PEZ collection. I could definitely NOT do that with my Star Trek collection (mainly because it doesn't consist of just *one* type of item, such as PEZ - though I DO have some Trek PEZs, er, PEZes, or PEZz, or...?). In my defense, I *have* gotten rid of some items over the years, but it's been way more gradual a process than this.

Still, speaking from experience, I warn you, there may be some moments when you'll recall with fondness a PEZ you no longer have, and you'll feel some regret. My advice for when that happens? Just power through it, dearie, and look to the new items in your life that make you happy.