Monday, May 12, 2008

Back in My Prime

[hilarious post title is courtesy of Melanie's brother-in-law, who is a math guy; man, i love geek humor!] 
Sunday was the High Holy Day of the Nikiverse as i celebrated my 37th birthday.
Of course the festivities started a week ago with Rickki's visit and will continue for another week or so. I really like to milk the holiday for all that it's worth.
Thanks to everyone who called, wrote, made cards, sent e-mail, took me out and got me presents. I really feel blessed to have so many friends. I'm not going to list every single part of the on-going Birthday Frivolity, but there are 3 highlights that i will share because randomly, they are all pink.
A box arrived from Mel, Mike and Stanley that had some wrapped presents in it. They were marked as being from the Barrs and Matt S.
  Huh, thinks I, that's random.
I am really good about waiting until the actual holiday to open presents, so they were sitting on the dining room table when the phone rang at 11:00 on Friday night. It was Mel and Mike on speaker phone; they wanted to be with me when i opened the pres-nents and couldn't wait until Sunday. Not one to quibble I ripped into the awesome Winnie the Pooh paper and found a CAMERA!!! After reading my blog about my intention to spend Saturday shopping for a new little digital point and shoot they were afraid that i would buy one not knowing that they had already sent me one.
 Dontcha love when people read your mind?

It is a Sony CyberShot (one of the 3 cameras i was planning to comparison shot) and it is pink!
 I love, love, love it.
Thanks to Mel, Mike and Matthew (and Stanley, of course) for being about 3 steps ahead of me.

Here is the very first pic i took with the new camera (perhaps you can see that it is 11:40pm) and one of me playing with the zoom in the dark.
I was stressed out about spending my birthday proper alone. It fell on Mother's Day this year so i knew everyone would be busy with their moms and/or kids. And my mom is in Ohio with my sister who is recovering from pretty major surgery. But Erin called last week and asked if i wanted to come to her family's cookout and celebrate my birthday.
  Do monkeys run pirate ships? I said.
The food was awesome, the conversation was lively, Erin's dad brought out his mandolin for me to paw with envy, i almost won the Game of Life - Pirates of the Caribbean edition, i received some fun art for the studio, and there was a pink beaded Hello Kitty tiara.
Did i wear it all night?
I think we all know the answer to that question.
Thanks to Erin, Steve, Mom, Dad and Gramps

Today i got to work and Rob had left me Alberto the Flamingo who was "tickled pink" that it was my birthday (hey - that's what the note said

Is he awesome or what? 
He is so big and perfectly formed that i long for a little balloon hedgehog with which to play croquet through the education department. 
Thanks, Rob.
 [i just saw how fuzzy that picture is - wow, sorry about that. I am still working with the camera and pulled the pic directly from the memory stick with this COOL USB adaptor so i didn't have a chance to check it]

Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate.
(and in case you're wondering, i do still have 3 slots open for the rest of the birthday week)


Kaaren said...

Yay, great fun. Cute camera! Man, mine weighs 10 bazillion pounds and is 4 years old.

Love the tiara.

Erin said...

Gramps is in love with you and everyone has agreed that you can be part of any family get together from now on!

Rea said...

Monkeys run pirate ships???? I don't care for monkeys! Happy Birthday again!

Stephanie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Niki! And best wishes for many more happy, healthy years ahead! :-)