Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

I spent Mother's Day with my mother; that might not seem unusual except that my mom lives in Florida. She came up to Maryland for the week so we had my birthday and mother's day together. She left this morning to go to David Jon's in Virginia Beach, then back here for a few days, then to Kris' in Ohio and then back to Florida; it is the Three-Week-Tour-O-Children. We had a very laid-back, chill weekend that was restful, but fun. We watched some movies, did some shopping and went to see a funny, funny play called "The Nerd" at Spotlighter's, featuring team member, Thom. I hope everyone who has ever had a mother spent some time paying homage to the ladies who made us what we are and that anyone who is a mother had a great day yesterday, especially all of my friends who are mommies for the first time in the last year.
Here is a moment for MY mother!

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