Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Guess what happens every 5 years in Maryland, on your birthday? - Your license expires. Guess who just had a birthday? Guess who got a new license about five years ago? Guess who thought her license expired in 2008? Guess who was horribly wrong about that? Guess who did NOT receive the 60-day renewal notice for her license? Guess who had a show on Ft Meade Army Base today? Guess who had to pass through a security check point, while driving? Yep. I couldn't make this stuff up, people. [technically, I could make it up, but why would I when i just end up looking like an idiot?!] Lauren and I were right on time to go do her FIRST chemistry show and left plenty of time for security check at the gate. We made it through the gate and went to vehicle inspection [which we're already kinda sweating cause we're driving a dinosaur van and if they ask us if there is anything flammable in the van, we have to say "yes" cause it is a show about chemistry, after all] where the security guard tells me my license is expired. There is much looking at things, examining things, going into the guard house, talking on the phone, looking at more things, Lauren and I switching places when he informs me it is illegal for me to be driving, more talking on the phone, more checking things. Then the cops start arriving. The first officer arrives in a HUGE SUV of some flavor with red and blue light a-flashing. As he is putting on his hat, 2 more officers arrive in a cruiser. There is a quick conference with the security guard and Officer 1 walks up to my window and just looks at me for a moment, not saying anything. N - I thought it was good until 2008 O - You gonna do something about this? N - This afternoon. I have a 9:30 show at the school and a 2:00 meeting, but i will go to MVA right after that, officer. O - Good, cause its a $60 fine. You don't want it and I don't want to give it to you. Have a nice day, ma'am. And he walks off, just like that. Yep. I loves me some Boys in Blue. The 2 best moments are when Lauren said "Imagine if this ends with you sitting in the back of that truck" and as we pull away we heard the other 2 officers say "check out that crazy paint job." Sooooo, i had to have someone drop me at MVA before it closed (thanks Lauren); we arrived at 4:10 and it closes at 4:30. I stood in line to get my new license, and had my new good for FIVE YEARS picture in my uniform with hair-dripping-down-at-the-end-of-a-long-hot-work-day hair and sporting Mt. Zitsuvius on my chin. Nice. Then i have to call my mom (who is back in town for a day before she flies to OH) to come and get me, to then drive downtown to pick up my car to then drive home. Yep. [don't even ask to see the picture - YIKES]


Kaaren said...

They send you renewal notices for driver's licenses in MD? Not in Florida. You just have to remember. We only get notices from the DMV for the car registration.

Rea said...

I wanna see!! :)

Niki said...

They are SUPPOSSED to send you license renewal notices. As the story clearly illustrates, there are flaws in the system.