Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Self-Portrait Challenge

Over at A Beautiful Mess, Elsie posed a challenge for self-portraits. i wanted to try to get a picture that captures me in a way i never see myself. Because of the amount of chemicals and fire that i use in my job, I have to wear my hair pulled back. When i get in to the office after shows, normally the first thing i do is take my hair down. Apperantly when i am sittting at my desk trying to fix various problems, I play with my hair. At least, that's what people tell me; i am unaware of the behavior (and think people might be making it up). I tried to capture how other people must see me. It made me realize though i hate the uniform for various reasons, it really does look good with my eyes. Also, i love that you can see some of the flotsam on the walls behind me; my office really looks like that. So here is Self-Portrait At My Desk While Working on the Budget Which is Due in Three Days :

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