Wednesday, June 6, 2007

shameless plug

Rob bought his awesome balloon bag (or the haversack - as i like to call it - which he has customized himself with pockets and zippers and a pair of scissors attached) to my house on Monday and late in the afternoon we started with requests. I had been working on my request for a few hours. I don't try to stump him, but rather give him something i'm sure he hasn't made before, just to see what he comes up with on the spot. It really is amazing and kinda mesmerizing to watch. I requested an ostrich and boy did i get an ostrich. Just as Rob finished him, he pulled a camera out of his pocket (Rob, people, not the ostrich – ostriches don't have pockets; try to stay with me, okay?) prompting the comment “he really is always prepared.” (see, Rob's an Eagle Scout and carries everything in his pockets – nevermind, it really was funny if you know him) Ossie quickly became Lord of the Stereo and even tried to take the camera away from me (i am also always prepared) Sara requested a whale and got a cutie-patootie cartoon whale with water spout: Lauren requested high-heels to go with the bitchin' black and white polka-dotted halter dress she was sporting, causing Rob to declare that it is really hard to render anything sleek and pointy in the medium of balloon: Annie got a giant pink rose, but resisted having her picture taken. Here is the shameless plug portion of the blog: Rob started a few months ago to take balloon commissions and to do centerpieces and things for parties. He is really good – you should check out the superheros and characters from Cars. And he is still new enough to the business side of things that his prices are really reasonable. For those of you in the Baltimore-Washington Metroplex who might be hosting parties, birthday gatherings, Fourth of July celebrations, wedding or baby showers, bar or bat mitzvahs, etc, consider something totally different (that none of your friends have done yet) in the way of decorations and/or favors : GO BALLOON ART! Support a cool, local artist and friend, reachable through his website or i have his business cards.

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Kaaren said...

Great balloons, Too bad he is so far away from us.