Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Where has Niki been?

If you've been wondering where i've been, the answer is that i have been busy – very, very busy. The end of programming year on Friday meant that i finally had a little time to catch up on stuff i've been setting to the side. Firstly the apartment needed cleaning. I was going to have the team over for lunch on Monday as a act of appreciation and as a farewell for Thom. Some of them had never seen the apartment, so it had to be spotless. Saturday i did what i do when i am under the gun to accomplish something i don't really want to do – find ANYTHING else to do. After the gym, I spent the day doing two more words for my front wall in the living room : wonder and share. The picture for “wonder” is of tulips and daffodils covered in snow after a freak snowstorm in April as few years ago. I love that picture and wanted to capture the yellow of the daffodils. I really like how it came out, especially the vintage beads, but think the tone on tone letters might be a bit too much up on the wall. Surrounded by complete mess and with only a day and a half to go i thought after finishing “wonder” that i really should get to cleaning, so i started another canvas. The picture is of Rickki and me at Scrap Camp dressed alike in a country/western theme. We have bright magenta neck scarves so that was the color i wanted to pull out, but i struggled with what word to use as the focus. How do i capture the emotion i have for my oldest and closest friend – a woman that i used to be able to convince people was my fraternal twin (we were in the same grade and had the same last name)? How do i capture what going to Scrap Camp -3 days to be together without any family obligations or responsibilities - meant to the 2 of us? Finally i decided on “share” cause we have shared so much of each other's lives. I am really happy with both quotes i used and the overall layout, but now wonder if maybe i should have painted an antique white border around the picture to make it pop. After finishing and hanging both pieces, which of course involved hanging some unfinished pieces as well to work on spacing, i cleaned up a little and decided that i needed to update my book log and commonplace book. Yeah, cause that was pressing. Which somehow led to unpacking a random box and then another. Eventually i had created even MORE mess that i had cleaned up, so i went to bed. Sunday was spent doing some laundry and seriously cleaning. I'm not just talking about picking up a few things, but rearranging bookshelves, unpacking boxes and scrubbing any surface i could get my hands on. My vacuum broke at one point so everything had to stop for repairs. Today's Public Service Announcement : the inside of your vacuum cleaner is HOT after it has been running; think about that before you reach inside to adjust the belts. By 8pm i still hadn't finished the menu, so there was no grocery list for me to even go shopping, the living room and bathroom were done, but the kitchen was in disarray and i hadn't even started on the bedroom. But there was no time to panic. Things continued to be crossed off of the To Do List, but it was moving along at a snail's pace. Shopping was finally done by 11:30. At 2am Matt texted this message “Go to bed” but i still had cold cuts to finish rolling for the party platter. Today's Second Public Service Announcement : if you get meat cut ultra-thin, don't try to roll it, stupid. Nap at 3:15am, up at 5:30, at work by 8:15 to check and copy schedules and write the agenda for the meeting. Have the meeting, leave by 11:15, stop at the liquor store to be home setting out food by noon when the team started arriving. Piece of cake (though technically there was no cake; dessert was homemade big cookie (made by Sara and Lauren) and ice cream sundaes). The gathering went very well. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we had a fond farewell to Thom. By 4:15 i was cleaning up and eventually laid down for a nap, which turned into reading a book. I did finally fall asleep and woke up 10 hours later. Guess i was tired, huh?

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