Monday, June 18, 2007


Sometimes being spontaneous blows up in your face, but sometimes it works to your advantage. Matt (who lives in California and had been roadtripping in parts unknown) called on Saturday asking if i was available 10-6 cause he was in town for the day. Unfortunately, I had to do a library show in the afternoon so i couldn't spend the day with him. But he also needed a ride to the airport that evening for a standby redeye he hadn't technically booked yet. So we planned for me to pick him up after work. It wasn't exactly a high energy adventure, but it was lovely to see him, especially since i had thought i wouldn't see him until August. Despite the tight schedule (north from Baltimore to get him from his parent's house outside Bel Air then south past Baltimore and DC to Arlington, VA) I had him to Regan National in VA an hour early so we went to dinner. As i'm leaving the airport (which i have never driven to before because we normally fly out of BWI) I see signs for I-66 and realized Colleen had to live close. I called and her plans for the evening had been waylaid so i went over to visit. We're watching Codename: Kids Next Door and sipping Cactus Juice (which was disgusting by the way; avoid it) when she suggests calling Matt to make sure he had gotten a seat on the flight and wasn't spending the night in the airport. Turns out he did get a seat, but then volunteered to give it up for a free roundtrip ticket. I went to get him and he hung out with us until 5am when i took him back to the airport. So i thought my Saturday was going to be work, gym and home, but instead i got to spend the night with good friends including one who shouldn't even have been in this time zone. I think we could all use a bit more spontaneity!


Anonymous said...

I was going to to be more spontaneous, but I realized I can't pencil it into my schedule until 10:00 next Thursday.


Erin said...

Wait, if he was on a road trip, what happened to the car?

Rea said...

What FUN!!