Thursday, June 28, 2007


Does it seem like I haven't been blogging as regularly?
Am I not home when you call?
 Has it been a while since you've seen me?
It's because it is SUMMER PROGRAMMING and the Nikiverse is topsy-turvey.
Since we do libraries in the summer and they want shows when families can attend, there are way more night and weekend shows.
How many more? you say.
 I just did a schedule where i am on 4 night shows in a row!
  Of course, I am understaffed, so some of these shows I have to do myself (though shout out to Stacey for sending her staff with me whenever she possibly can and to Erin for coming with me next week). This means that my normally hectic and chaotic schedule (if you could call it a schedule) is even MORE all-over-the-place then normal.
This makes for interesting sleeping and eating patterns.
 It also means I have made some interesting discoveries.
Recently I found a public park in Catonsville that i never knew existed. Mind you, i drive by the sign several times EVERY DAY. I knew the Senior Center and the ballfields were there, but apparently there is also a picnic area, a playground and a nature walk. Yesterday I was driving home from the gym when i decided to take a quick nature walk, just to see the condition of the trail. It is pretty nice, with multiple loops; some of it is cleared, some is packed, some is even paved. Nothing is marked, however, and i had a really fun time seeing how many blind turns i could make and still find my way out. I don't live in a particularly urban part of town, but it certainly isn't the country either. It was nice to find some forest to explore less than 2 miles from my house. I saw 2 big birds of prey (Jonah - larger than a peregrine, but slightly smaller than a red-tail; dark brown face and wings with a mottled tail) sitting on a branch together - i couldn't tell if they were about to rip each other's faces off, or if they were in love. There were these incredible damselflies (2 words you don't normally put together) who had bright iridescent green bodies and onyx-y black wings. I didn't have my camera (cause even I am not dedicated enough to take my camera to the gym), but will definitely be going back.
It is a crazy time right now, but it is nice that the craziness is making me look at things from a different perspective and discover treasures that have been right under my nose all along.

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Erin said...

Remind me to print out an outline! I'll hopefully see you enough Monday to talk about Tuesday.....