Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Community Art

I like to support arts in our community. I also like cheap or (even better) free entertainment. On Sunday I had quite the fill of both. In the afternoon i went to see The Nightingale Dream at Open Space Arts in Reisterstown. This community arts center has been a mainstay for TSP for several years. This particular play was written by team member Annie and co-directed by Annie and former-team member Diane. The cast also has a former team member, his daughter and a team member's boyfriend. I was very impressed with both the play itself, which is a traditional comedy sort of in the vein of Two Gentlemen of Verona (Annie rocks) and the cast, most of whom are teenagers. It will be staged 3 more times - Friday and Saturday at 7:00 and Sunday at 2:00. It is fun and a great way to support art. After the play i stopped to pick up Chinese food (Hunan Joy on Edmonson Ave makes the best flat noodles with beef and is 1 block from my house!) and went to the Lurman Woodland Theater in Catonsville. This outdoor theater offers free concerts Saturday and Sunday night throughout the summer. They had moved the band to an indoor venue cause of the threatening rain and there was some confusion about where exactly to go, but i eventually found them. Project Natale is a jazz ensemble with an apparently ever-changing line-up. On Sunday they had electric keys, double bass, saxophone (Oh, how i love the saxophone), drum kit and hand percussion; you know I am gonna dig any band that is two-fifths percussion! They were really good and it was a lovely, relaxing way to spend an evening. There are several more weekends of free outdoor music at the Lurman. Go support some local art in your community (and take me with you)!

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Anonymous said...

Hey. I work just down the street from the Lurman. O'Malley's band use to play there. I love jazz (and so does my son). We should hook up!