Friday, August 17, 2007


Perhaps you've seen them : the modern sculptures of kids doing "ordinary kid activities" like reading or playing or climbing trees.
They are made of some sort of greenish metal and are creepy beyond the knowing.
These darn things are cropping up all over the place.
Did i mention that they creep me out?
I found where they are made or, more likely, are distributed.
I was driving into the parking lot at Savage Mill (going to the awesomely cool Queen's Ink) when i see a bunch of creepy greenish heads peeking over the bushes
Upon inspection i found a gaggle of these kids.
WHO would buy one and put it in their yard?
And if you don't think they are creepy from a distance, look at the soulless, mirthless features close up


Erin said...

And now I can't sleep....

Francie the "wise" said...

Yeah, that's pretty creepy