Friday, August 24, 2007

Swap Jack

Over at Red Velvet Art, Rachel started a “Your Favorite Things” swap; you get the name and address of someone and send them a few of your favorite things. We had about a week to put something together and get it in the mail, postmarked by today. Everyone in the swap had to have a blog or Flickr account so that we can share with each other what we received. Yesterday i mailed my package to Joy in Virginia (codename: Ninja Princess – how cool is that?) in the afternoon (a full 24 hours before deadline) and returned to find her box for me waiting on the doorstep. First of all, applause for how ahead of deadline SHE was and secondly, PRESENTS!!!!! You know how i love pres-nents. I had planned out the step-by-step photos i was going to take for this entry to document me opening my box. I have to admit that i started tearing through the box and unwrapping things before i even remembered that i was supposed to be taking pictures. Oh well, even I don't let taking pictures come between me and pres-nents. We were supposed to put in about 3 of our favorite things and like most creative people Joy ignored the directions and sent MORE. It is amazing how some of her favorite things are some of my favorite things as well. Here's the list: ~ glitter soap from [since half of the inhabitants of the Nikiverse are glitter-ponies...] ~ spiral mini notebook with shiny pink butterflies on the front [i was just talking to Jonah's wife Kristie about the fact that i always carry pen and paper with me everywhere i go] ~ CD of String Cheese Incident recorded live in Maine [i've heard them on WTMD, but this is the first time i've listened to multiple songs in a row – i'm listening to it as i type and they are covering the Police; this is awesome] ~ a parcel of the entire rainbow of Tazo teas [mmmmmmm... tea] ~ a pair of handmade decoupaged plaid magnets of ninjas with glitter trim [yep – you read that right, but mere words do not convey the COOLNESS of my new magnets; if you aren't feeling a little twinge of jealousy, check your pulse] ~ and marked as her most favorite thing, polished ammonite fossils [okay, now it is getting creepy how much we like the same things; how many of you know that i have a collection of trilobite fossils? Joy says she likes to use them as eyes on heads that she makes; i will definitely be putting one of them on the inspiration-sill, perhaps to symbolize Community] Thank you, Ninja Princess, for my wonderful, inspirational box. Your favorite things are beautiful!


srapalmateer said...

Presents are fun!!!! It's like Christmas during the year.

joy said...

i am glad that you liked your stuff, i found your package ABSOLUTELY FLIPPIN AMAZING AND UBER DUBER INSPIRATIONAL. i started back to work this week so i have been too much of a basketcase to post a pictue of my awesomeness from you, but i will this weekend. i feel really lucky that you were my partner, mostly because of it leading to your sweet blog YAY