Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Window Dressings

My brother is crashing at my place while he does a job in Baltimore. I decided i should clean up the apartment a bit before he came. Now, you know me. You know that means i ended up taking on a major scale project instead of just doing the dusting. I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to redo and reorganize the entire studio. At 11:30pm, the night before he came. Smart, no? Months ago Kaaren asked for a picture of my ribbon racks, which i love, love, love, love, love. It only took forever, but here they are: You can also see the very edge of the paints and one of the 2 bookshelves full of marked Sterilite containers of Goodness. In the studio at the old house - i miss you, Blue Room - there were shelves over my desk where i had accumulated (over 15 years) little scraps and pieces of inspiration. When i moved I carefully pulled them all down and packed them for safe keeping; so i just found them a month ago. My desk now faces the window into the sunroom and i have put my inspiration ephemera there. Along with a piece i did on universal beauty called "Animal, Vegetable and Mineral" (the blue piece on the left - pics did not turn out well cause of a very shiny surface treatment), my deadline board - guarded by My Ugly Boyfriend Henry - and my embossing tool the window has four of my favorite stamps (1 Bible verse, 2 Mother Teresa quotes and CREATE) lined on the top. Along the edge are my inspirations for faith and family (an angel bookmark made by my Grandma), whimsy (Suzy's Zoo snails that crack me up every time i look at them), love and friendship (a sticker that reminds me of me and Rea), texture (a make-n-take star that rea and i made at some scrapbooking store in AZ back in the day that demoed terrifically tacky with beads), imagination (Suzy's Zoo sticker that makes me smile), texture (an experiment with wire and UTEE and platinum embossing powder), pattern (a pink version of my favorite closed-shape doodle) recycling (a pottery shard stamped, embossed and wire wrapped -you can't really see it cause of the flash, sorry), shape (a flowering cut), team (a smashed penny with a loooong story behind it that makes me teary) and color (a Matt creation from a table drawing at a restaurant). On the bookshelf right next to my desk i hung my first Chesapeake Croppers nametag, my first paper piecing (made by Eastern Shore Shannen - remember her, Kathy?) and my birthday card from JP and Kate about roadtrips that makes me laugh out loud every time i look at the dog's expression and on top of that bookshelf i have my inspiration plate (received for my hmmmmm... 16th birthday, maybe; from Mary Kingsley) Finally i made sure i had the ONE THING every studio must have a Garfield and Pookie trach can, of course. Now i feel inspired!


Kaaren said...

Very cool. Thanks for the pics. Finally. :P

Niki said...

Now you need to come see them in person; i'm sure you would be more impressed and enthusiastic than your husband was.