Thursday, August 9, 2007

Trash Dogs

At today's library in Virginia, we were greeted in the lobby by three large pieces of art in the glass room in the lobby. Each was over four feet long or wide, portrayed a dog and appeared to be made of trash. Needless to say, i was transfixed. After the show i asked our librarian about them. It was a community project that they had done with the local children to talk about recycling. Almost everything in the collages could NOT be recycled, so this was another way to reuse the products. Virginia's Summer Reading theme is "Sit, Stay, Read" so they made dogs. She was so happy that i was really interested in them that she unlocked the room so that i could get a closer look. The first one - the running dog - is outlined in bead necklaces, textured with cups and bowls and has a collar and leash made from bags. [look for the pig-shaped puzzle piece] The second one - sitting dog - was mostly made of styrofoam peanuts and plastic caps, though check out the random mitten button and the sunglasses. And my favorite - shaggy dog - was made of hanging layers of bubble wrap.

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