Sunday, September 16, 2007

Apt, not ironic

We have all despaired at how Alanis Morrisette's song "Isn't it Ironic" contains almost no irony at all. Just get Rob started on the subject - it's funny. Anyhoo, today i had a moment that would have appeared in Alanis' song though it shouldn't. We had a cold snap this weekend that has made it almost autumnal - blue skies with puffy clouds, temps in the mid 60s to mid 70s and a clearness in the air which makes it so much easier to breathe. Autumn is my favorite season and this first little piece of it put me in a great, hyper-productive mood. This morning i did laundry, balanced my checkbook, got some things ready to be shipped, worked on unpacking some boxes of glassware and started on the bajillion cards i need to make today (there are 6 birthdays in 3 days this week). While working out in the sun room i looked at my hide-a-key for the first time in months and thought, I really need to put a key in that and put it out by the front steps, but took no action. I went inside, checking that the back door was locked. A few hours later i was leaving the house to run to PA to pick up a gift card (ordered it 2 weeks ago, but somehow it didn't get processed - don't get me started), then to work for awhile (interview tomorrow, work on schedules, pick up recycling and get the book out of the van that i accidentally left there on Friday) and then to the store, all the while thinking about how beautiful it was and how i wanted to take some pictures to blog about the beginnings of fall in Maryland. At the car i realized that the keys in my hand were not for my car, but for the vans at work. DOH! Okay, i'm locked out for the first time in years right after i thought about what would happen if i got locked out. That is not ironic, Alanis; it is APT and it sucks. But no worries - Rachel has a key, i'll just drive over to her house and get it... wait, i don't have car keys. Okay, I call Rachel and as pathetically as possibly I entreat her to bring my key to me. Rachel - I don't have a key to your apartment, Nik. I gave it back. ????????????????????????????????? Several moments pass as she looks in every place she can think of, but no, she does not have my key. She remembers giving it back and i don't doubt her; i just don't remember it and have thought for the last year that she had a key just in case i got locked out. Okay, my brother has a key. He's in VA or PA or some other state that is definitely MD. Great. Okay, the kitchen door is closed, but unlocked. I just locked the sun room door, but it is sketchy and falling apart. I was still on the phone with Rachel as i walked around the house and kicked in my own backdoor. Technically, i used my shoulder and hip instead of my foot (cause it would be really hard to kick in a door while standing on steps and talking on the phone). Apparently joining a gym is having positive benefits for me. I was able to fix the door without too much work, got everything relocked, grabbed my keys and drove directly over to the Palmateer's. Now there is a key to my apartment safely on a Hong Kong Phooey keyring (apt cause Kate got it at the last Open House and ironic cause now i don't have to hong kong phooey my way into my own house) in their living room. Phew. Anyone else want one? I'm making about 5 copies and am going to blanket the greater metro area cause i really don't want to break in again. Now to find a place for that hide-a-key.

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srapalmateer said...

Why is there a Hong Kong Phooey key chain in my living room??? (hee hee!)