Monday, September 10, 2007

Arts and Crafts Fair

Have i told you how much i love living in Catonsville? It somehow is a suburb (11 miles to my office downtown) that rocks a small-town feel. Yesterday was the Catonsville Art and Crafts Festival. It was supposed to be on the main street (Frederick Rd) about a block up from the library. I have never been, so Kate P and I decided to walk there from my house. I think i was expecting some tables along the sidewalk and maybe a funnel cake stand. Not in Catonsville. They closed the road - the flipping main thoroughfare - for over three blocks; there were vendor tents on both sides of the road as far as the eye could see: Not only were there tons of actual arts and crafts vendors, there were local businesses, civic organizations, churches, schools, a kids' area (where the Girl Scouts had a table selling cookies a month before season - HAHA), not one but two stages with live music and tons of food. It was a freaking street fair 2 blocks from my house. I love this place. Kate and i did pretty well on the spending. She got some yummy hand cream for herself and her secret pal while i bought cookies and an Andean Flute CD - i tried to resist and even walked away twice, but the guy was playing selections from the CD live at his booth, changing flutes during songs. It was awesome and i just had to have it. (upon listening to the CD it is indeed fabulous) I also got a FREE wall paper book for crafting purposes - free, people, free. Oh, and i was able to talk to someone from my bank about a saving account question. All on a bright sunny day in the middle of the street. The most incredulous thing i saw? In front of Bill's Music House, where they were offering free guitar lessons, there were two guys playing guitars and kazoos. Yep. Kazoos in fancy-schmancy harmonica holders. I nearly peed myself. I love this place.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki! That is sooo close to where my office is. I work on Bloomsbury. I wanted to take the kids so bad but they both had sports games yesterday. Bummer! Glad you had fun!
Baby Robin

srapalmateer said...

Thanks for reminding me about the Festival! It was a lot of fun and of course, I got to spend time with you (the best part of it all)...hee hee!

The kazoos were hysterical!!!

Erin said...

That's my kind of fun! If you liked that, you should totally check out Westminster's which is coming up, and the Farm Museum's Fall Fest!