Thursday, September 27, 2007

How Are You Feeling Today?

Rachel of Red Velvet Art had a really cool post on her personal blog on Sunday. Her church started a photo project where you have to demonstrate how you're feeling at a given moment using photography and text. She invited people to share. I did it last night when I finally had a few moments not previously booked. After about 10 bajillion takes, this is the one i decided to use. I really tried to get a lighter background to show the contrast between my dark hair and light skin, but alas, it looked like crap. I am happy with the blue eyes/ blue paper link (Sharpie written on hand-dyed papertowel, in case you were wondering) and I decided to go with one where I am not looking at the camera, but rather looking toward the future, cause that's how i feel.


axis community church said...

I'm a friend of Rachel Denbow... i followed the link you posted in her blog.

well done.

can i swipe this pic and post it in our church's blog?? I think it's very encouraging... you're welcome to view the blog first, of course... let me know.


Niki said...

Hi Joe-
Welcome to the Nikiverse. I actually went to the church posting last night and have already left a comment about how cool i think this project will be. I almost put in a link to my picture, but decided i didn't want to intrude. You are welcome to the picture; i'd love to be included.