Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monkey Mania!

There is no place more interesting than the elementary school stage. Unfortunately, many places have converted them into music classrooms due to an alarming lack of space, but many still utilize the stage as a stage. You find the craziest, weirdest, funniest, most disturbing objects in the wings. There are often props from long ago productions. Holiday and/or carnival storage is also popular. And paper mache, lots of paper mache. We like to play "Identify What This Object is Supposed to Be" and "What Does This Object Look Like to You." At today's school there was a fake Christmas tree in pieces in a giant trash can. It wasn't being thrown away; that was just the way this school has chosen to store it. Around the bottom of the trash can and mixed in with the tree pieces there were pieces of rumpled, painted paper. As i tried to get closer it seemed to me that they were... monkeys?!? Oh yes, monkeys on headbands! Here the lovely Laura (my adult-safety-partner-of-the-day, on loan from the Kids Room) models the "girl" version, while displaying the "boy" version: Two questions: what elementary school play needed multiple googley-eyed monkeys and where can i get a copy of that play on DVD?

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Rea said...

I don't CARE for monkeys!!!