Monday, February 23, 2009

Ahoy, Mateys

We're driving down the road in Pennsylvania between shows when i hear myself say "Is that a boat on the side of the road?" Yes, yes it is. A lovely fully rigged boat in the yard in front of an outbuilding (barn? arcade? dry dock?) painted to look like a dock, complete with people come to see you off. We were next to the Susquehanna River so it wasn't completely out of place, but still you don't really expect an entire wharf scene next to a snowy hillside. Or a mermaid for that matter.


Rea said...

A mermaid in a Santa hat, no less!

Rachel said...

Where precisely is this? I want to go see it!

Niki said...

Let's see... we were across the water from Harrisburg... no; we were across the water from Lancaster... no; we were in Lancaster county... AHA - it is somewhere along RT 441(Water St) and/or RT 999(River Rd) [they run together] between the town of Columbia and the Frey Farm Landfill. If i had to hazard a guess your best bet is right outside of the wee townlet of Washington Boro.