Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ingenious solution

You don't get a lot of home decorating tips here in the Nikiverse - it's just not my thing right now. If you have been to my apartment you know it is homey and kinda eclectic, but doesn't necessarily have a theme or direction (much like the rest of the Nikiverse). However, i was really taken with this idea i saw at my mom's house of how to store a bath scrubbee. You know the ones i mean : the meshy, swirly bath scrubbees. I totally prefer it to a washcloth, but how do you store the dang thing? It can't be put on the towel rack cause it drips all over the place and hanging on the faucet it always seems to be in the way. I have chosen to just turn a blind eye and not think about it - until now. In her guest bath mom has a bath scrubee hanging in the shower but the genius part is that she used an extra shower curtain hook so that it coordinates with all of the bathroom accessories. How stinking cute and easy is that? Honestly i just never would have thought of it, but it totally works. Now i just need to figure out where to get another matching shower curtain hook; mine look like the faucets in the tub and they match my bathroom, but that is only because my sister bought and sent them to me.

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Mike said...

I too have been plagued by the unwieldy scrubee. They drip cold water on things or they collect mold and soap sum in teh corner of the tub. Good solution!