Friday, February 20, 2009

Double Dips

This is not exactly ice cream weather, but after yesterday's string of debacles (nothing like realizing you have the wrong piece of equipment during the show after introducing it) I felt like we deserved some. Plus who could resist a small town ice cream parlor called "Double Dips" that had plastic ice cream cones flanking the door? So the guy behind the counter was an awesome top-toothless character who just got married on Valentine's Day (to a woman named patricia saint who was born on St Patrick's day). We chatted away while team member AJ and i decided what we wanted. AJ went with a shake made from Peanut Butter Cup and i got a waffle cone cause they were home-made. I decided to get a double dip and after putting 4 dips of Roadrunner Raspberry into the waffle he asked "what do you want for your second dip?" Check this puppy out: The ice cream above the cone was as big as the cone. It took me 45 minutes to eat it. I have never seen such dairy majesty. I highly recommend Double Dips if you ever find yourself in Preston, MD (though i can't really imagine when most of you would find yourself in Preston) even though they had some alarming signs on the front door : that's an odd flavor for ice cream


Anonymous said...

As always, my work disasters were worse.


Niki said...

oh realllllly?
I was doing Native American Stargazers and when i said "imagine if we could draw the navaho pictures over the stars..." i turned up the projector and it was the GLOBE cylinder

Anonymous said...

Bah! Cylinder malfunction compares not to this, young Jedi:

I returned from my outreach to find an e-mail from a guy on our board of directors saying we ought to partner with Mad Science, since they're clearly such a high class organization.

Fulfilling my mission in life,