Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Teeny Beanies

In the late 90's i was swept up in the Beanie Baby craze - perhaps some of you remember that dark time in my life. I loved Beanies, i had to have Beanies. I was not as nuts as some people (being poor helped with that) and i set limits for myself, like i could only purchase marine animals for myself. But when McDonald's introduced Teeny Beanies as a Happy Meal toy i couldn't help myself - i had to have them all. The next summer they did another round and i had to have all of them, too. In the coming months you will be reading about my quest to purge a bunch of stuff from my house; i am taking pictures of a lot of my older collections to do scrapbook pages of them and then finding new homes for everything. The Teeny Beanies are the first to go. We need them at work for an experiment on gravity. All of the relatively flat ones (and why were so many of the first and second animals flat? lambs and bulls and dogs and cats and moose aren't flat) will be put into our show about Newtownian physics to test whether heavier objects fall faster then light ones. Which means that after taking these pictures i had to do the most horrifying thing any Beanie collector can imagine : Meanwhile the less aerodynamic ones will find a new home; a few are going into our dinosaur show, a few are going to various people and a few i am keeping for myself.


Kaaren said...

Ahhh, Beanies. Luckily, I did not go super-crazy. I think I own 6 or 7 large ones and the McD's ones are gone now. But I remember the craze at McD's; people ordering 10 Happy Meals and then offering free food to anyone standing by. They just wanted the Teenies.

Niki said...

It was pretty nuts. I was never that crazy, but i did definately have cheeseburgers in the fridge waiting to be eaten.