Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Black Thumb

I kill plants. I don't mean to, but i do. Cactus die around me. It is sad. While cleaning my house i found a plant starter kit that i received as a present from someone who though i'd really like the tin it came in (i do!) and i decided to give botany another whirl. It seemed pretty straight-forward. The kit contained the tin, soil and three types of seeds : Hmmm... of the three i've only heard of marigolds. Anyhoo, i don't need to know what they are to plant them, according to the directions. The soil gets mixed with water then most of it goes in the tin, add the seeds, cover with the rest of the soil and voila! Simple enough.I am a bit concerned that the seeds weren't exactly what i was expecting when i opened the packets. One set was sort of dust, the marigolds were like spikey twigs and the last set was actually seed-like. I put everything in, let's see what we get out. Remember, this is what it is supposed to be : Wish me luck!

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