Monday, June 15, 2009

exit JET, stage west

Ron's band was playing Saturday night at a little place in Pasadena, MD called Billy V's so we went out to celebrate Justin's birthday before his imminent departure. First, there was shooting pool. Justin was rather skilled at sinking shots and he liked to call them. In fact, I spent most of my time at the table laughing as he explained in great detail his next shot As for my skill as a pool player, i'll say this I had really cute hair that night. I did manage to scratch in 5 out of the 6 pockets, which is impressive in its own way. After Ron finished his sound check he came to play with us. He also made me look bad. We like to refer to him as Bridge Man. Finally we were joined by Justin's amicably-parted ex-girlfriend Vanessa, whose skill in pool playing rivaled my own. After several games it was time for the band to go on so we moved up front. For several years Ron has played in an 80's hair cover band called One Louder, and my goodness they do indeed go to eleven. Though i have always known Ron as a drummer (sometime i will have to tell you about some of the other bands i've endured over the last 15 years) he actually plays keyboards and guitar with backing vocals in this band. One of things i love about One Louder is that they have great energy. If you didn't come to dance, go home. Dash, the lead singer, often wanders around the audience, as does you know who [i am indeed not biting him, people; it was a kiss that digital delay turned wonky] There is a fun vibe cause the band is serious about the music, but doesn't necessarily take themselves too seriously Given their attitude and the nature of the playlist One Louder also brings out some interesting behavior in otherwise sane people. This guy was serious about his dancing and some people -ahem- kept jumping into the shot Speaking of shots, we were doing various birthday shots when the band announced that it was Kevin's birthday. Who is Kevin? you ask. I have no idea, but since it was his birthday and we were celebrating Justin's birthday and he was conveniently sitting at the adjacent table i bought a round of shots for us Happy Birthday, Kevin - whoever you are. The night was a great way for us to celebrate and be together before Justin is Kentucky-bound. Good Luck, JET - we'll miss you!

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