Thursday, June 4, 2009


It is a well known fact that i use my china and crystal everyday instead of saving them for "a special occasion" cause i believe you should use everything you have. My Grandma Craig bequeathed me her beautiful Noritake set before she died; she always thought i would love them and she was right. This blue and pink floral set is so old that it doesn't have the pattern name or number on the bottom like most Noritakes, but instead says "patent pending." I love the pattern and think of my mom's mother every time i use them. But it bugs me that i never use the gravy boat. It is one of the cool ones that has the drip plate attached to the vessel. It is so cool that i have it on display in my china cupboard, but i just don't serve meals involving gravy that often. On Monday i had my team over for the end-of-the-year luncheon that i do every year and i decided that this was the year i was was finally gonna use my bitchin' gravy boat cause you know what is just like gravy? Macaroni Salad!


Kaaren said...

Toooootally. When I think "gravy boat." macaroni always comes to mind. :)

Lovely Wife George said...

Ingenious! :D

I love gravy (yes, even though I'm a vegetarian), yet I have no gravy boat. What's worse, I have no special magical gravy ladle to keep me from having to try to neatly spoon gravy around (which of course never works quite right). I need to do some thrift store shopping or something. It's getting depressing and gravy should never be depressing.